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Image Shows and Image Galleries

LMS Website Services uses image galleries and image shows to showcase each individual company's pictures and images. One of the ways to really beautify a website design is to use graphics and images. We only use high definition images that we will resize to fit your website design. One of Google's ranking factors is site speed. How fast your website loads. Slow loading websites will get a lower ranking than websites that load faster. Because of this fact LMS Website Services will resize every picture and graphic that we install on every website design we create. We don't want the images to resize themselves on the fly as this will cause your website to load slower thereby affecting your search ranking. As everything we do on our websites is geared to higher rankings on the search engines, we will resize the images. We also want these images to load correctly on mobile and tablets.

Optimize Images For Website Designs

Not only will we resize every picture we install on our website designs but we will also optimize each image. This will minimize each picture's footprint during load and will also increase our site load speed. What we end up with is a high quality website design that has a multitude of SEO features built right in from the get go. This is just one of many practices we implement here at LMS Website Services that guarantee a highly optimized website.

Many Styles of Image Showcases to Choose From

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