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Awards and Accomplishments for Website Design

Awards Accomplishments For Website DesignHere is a running list of website creation awards and accomplishments. This is a running list and more will be added in due course of time.

  • Google Analytics Platform Principles Certification (click here for certificate)
  • Google Analytics Digital Analytics Fundamentals Certification (click here for certificate)
  • Codecademy HTML & CSS Programming Language Fundamentals Course: completed
  • Codecademy Jquery Programming Language Fundamentals Course: completed
  • Codecademy JavaScript Programming Lanuguage Fundamentals Course: completed
  • Codecademy MySql Database Course: completed
  • Codecademy Accomplishment Badges Earned: 44 badges
  • Optimizing Website for Search on Mobile Devices: completed
  • Server Level Optimizations: completed
  • More to come.........

* Disclaimer: $65 per month for the basic website plan. Includes hosting, monthly site maintenance, security updates and backups. Initial custom design fee may apply. 5 page site. More pages can be added for an additional fee if needed.

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