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Optimizing Google+Local Step 2......

March 15th, 2014

Okay, sorry about the long delay between posts but I've been slammed.

Step two of optimizing your Google+Local page. Once you've verified your listing on Google+Local, now you need to fill out all of your companies information. So enter in your company address, phone number, website URL (this is very important because if creates a quality back link to your site), hours you are open, a description of your products and services. Fill out everything you possibly can. The more thorough you are the better. Upload lots of pictures that show your company in a great light.

One of the most important things you can do is fill out the description portion of Google+Local. And when you do, you will need to fill it with all of the keywords that pertain to your company. Any keyword that you want to rank for and is prominent on your website should be optimized here. Just cram this description area with loads of keywords (how to find important keywords in your specific field is a subject for another day).

So, anywhere you can put in your keywords as you fill out your Google+Local form, should be taken advantage of.

Lastly, you should link your Google+Local page URL to your website. And vice versa. You will already have a back link to your site when you enter in your website address, so now you should add something to your website. For ex: On my site at LMS Website Services I have put the words "See our Google+Local page" and then linked it to the URL of my Google+Local page. So it links both ways.

Well, that's it. If you follow these procedures you will have gone a long way towards getting listed first in the Google+Local area of Google's search results.....

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