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SEO Huh?.....

October 4th, 2014

SEO. What does that stand for?

Most people probably have never heard of SEO! I know because when I bring it up to prospective clients I get a quizzical look. They just have never heard of SEO. For those of us in the website design business, SEO means everything.

Build it and they will come?

I've had people sign up for a website design and think the whole world will march to their doors. Like just

build it and they will come. How far from the truth is that really? I've built websites for people and when we launch it, the client will go online the same day and call me and wonder why when they search for themselves, they can't be found.......(Google has no idea they even exist at this point in time!).

Building a website is just the 1st step. It's like building a store on the corner of Google and Bing and then never, ever advertise or market the store. Then time goes by and they wonder why there isn't any business to speak of. Well, the fact is, people don't have any idea that the store is there. Unless you advertise your store, market your store, very few people will know you are there. It's the same for your website.

You can't just build a website and expect people to be able to find it. For that matter, what you really want is for Google and other search engines to find it. Because if Google finds your site then they will show it to people who are searching for your particular product or brand. So the whole idea is to let Google know that you are alive and well and living on the Internet (and are worthy of them showing your site to prospective customers).

So you must market your site! Advertise your site!

How can this be done? SEO. Or search engine optimization. This means you need to optimize your site so Google and the other search engines know about you and think highly of you (your website).

There are so many ways to do this. On site optimization, off site optimization and others. Most on site optimization can be done when your website is being designed. Anybody can build a website but not just anybody can build a high quality, optimized site from the inside out. Where when Google comes a crawlin' they find your site to be of high quality, worthy of high ranking and relevant to your potential clients searches. Because we all know that when we have a website, we want to be on the front page of the Google searches.

Nuff said for now...........more to come.........

* Disclaimer: $65 per month for the basic website plan. Includes hosting, monthly site maintenance, security updates and backups. Initial custom design fee may apply. 5 page site. More pages can be added for an additional fee if needed.

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