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SEO Huh? Continued.....

October 10th, 2014

SEO has changed over time. SEO changes constantly. In fact SEO changes continually. Every month. What used to work doesn't anymore. Link exchanges can't be bought anymore (well, they can but really are worthless).

So what does Google want? Google wants to increase the quality of the user experience. They want the user to "want" to be on the web. To be surfing. In essence, to be on the web and see all of their ads which of course brings money in to Google. A little too much honesty, eh?

Well, you can't fight the Fed. Or Google for that matter. So we must play by their rules. They don't own the Internet but in reality, they own the Internet. What Google says goes.

SEO strategies

So what does Google say? They want high quality, fresh, new content. They want people to be constantly exploring the Internet. They want business owners to "earn" their spot on the front page of their search results. No longer can you easily game the system to get on the front page of Google. Now it takes work from the business owner himself. You can't just pay a firm to do stuff to get you on the front page. You, the business owner, must supply relevant content to your own site. After all, how can an SEO firm understand your business. YOU are the expert in your field, not the SEO firm. So YOU must provide content, text and images that are relevant and new to the SEO firm who will then add them to your site.

This is very important stuff that should not be minimized or ignored by the site owner. Fresh, new and relevant information added to your site on a continuous basis. It takes commitment and time from the business owner themselves.

More to come......

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